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Dyson launches robot vacuum that learns your home layout and has app controls

It’s a big week for Dyson, who launched their brand new hair straightener Corrale, and have now revealed their latest robot vacuum.

The Dyson 360 Heurist is the update of their previous version, the 360 Eye, with many of the same features as well as a few other new ones.

Much like the Eye, the Heurist can be controlled by the Dyson Link app so you can schedule cleans and turn it on before you get home.

While the Eye had twice the suction of any other robot vacuum, the Heurist robot has 20% more suction and 20x more memory than that, so it’s pretty powerful.

Dyson but it down to the 450,000 lines of code in the robot, with more being added to all the time, and prototype test rigs which have covered more than 2,137km.

During testing, the on and off switch is subjected to 15,600 punches.

Features of the Dyson 260 Heurist

  • Intelligent SLAM vision system for accurate navigation.
  • LED light ring enables the robot to see where it’s going, even in low light.
  • Full width-brush bar, so the robot cleans wherever it goes.
  • 20% more suction and 20x more memory than its predecessor.
  • Connects to the Dyson Link app, for control from anywhere

Engineers made the robot capable of heuristic – or learning – behaviour, so it might just be the first item in your home powered by a form of AI.

By creating a map which is refined clean by clean, the robot continually learns and adapts to your home, recognising where it is as soon as it leaves the dock and comparing its map with those in its memory.

The Heurist avoids drops and obstacles, has a full-width brush bar to get rid of dirt right to the edges of wherever it goes, and 6,947 stiff nylon bristles to pick up even the most stubborn bits.

You can even give it instructions for how you’d like it to clean.

It’s not cheap, though, and is priced at £799. But then, that’s the Dyson way – big on tech, big on price.

James Dyson said of the launch: ‘Since we started working on robotics, we wanted to produce a vacuum that cleaned properly – not just a gadget.

‘The Dyson 360 Heurist robot has eight sensors for improved navigation, and powerful suction, so it can clean your home.’